01. We've had to [revise] our vacation plans because my sister's family has decided to join us.
02. I [revised] my opinion of our new boss after I saw him deal quite well with a personnel conflict in our office.
03. The company had to [revise] its original budget forecast due to a sudden rise in energy costs.
04. The house was up for sale for months, and the owners had to [revise] their asking price to a more reasonable figure.
05. The teachers are working hard to [revise] the curriculum to make it more up to date.
06. The editor sent the book back to the author to be [revised] somewhat.
07. I asked my professor to check some of the [revisions] I made to my essay.
08. Culture is fluid rather than static; it is always open to [revision].
09. The contractors have [revised] their original estimate for the work to accommodate some changes I made to our original request.
10. Nancy Thayer once said that it's never too late in fiction or in life to [revise].
11. Writer Ernest Hemingway [revised] the last page of his novel "A Farewell to Arms" 39 times.
12. Every time you work on a second language, you need to [revise] your understanding of its system of grammar, words, meaning, etc.
13. The policies of the English Language Center undergo [revision] on a regular basis as the programs change and grow.
14. In 1994, the government of Bangladesh ordered the arrest of a feminist writer after she told an Indian newpaper the Koran should be "thoroughly [revised]."
15. The British House of Lords was stripped of most of its power in 1911, and today its main function is to [revise] legislation.
16. We are [revising] the report to include additional information received in the last couple of weeks.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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